Every company needs to optimize its processes, to save time and save money. A good development of Software is a tool that allows you to achieve this goal, it is for this reason that Oktal offers the possibility of creating applications in a personalized way, adjusting to the measure and needs of your company.

Our developments are based on Web and mobile technologies such as: Asp, Php, Html5, CSS3, Jquery, Mysql Databases. They are totally designed and adapted to your company, they can grow and change with the evolution of your company.

Our Mission

Provide software-type administrative solutions tailored to the needs of the client that allow systematizing complex processes within your company, based on quality, service and support.
Our company
OKTAL is the brand specialized in the development of corporate software and custom applications. We have the human and technological talent to offer natural persons, companies or organizations of any kind, the option to evolve in innovative solutions that are at the national and international vanguard, in terms of the boom and use of New Technologies.

Our Services